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Resort Packages

Consider tunring your pet's boarding experience into a resort package with the following boarding packages available.

Boarding Packages

  1. FREE PLAY - One-on-one play time with a staff member in our exercise room with lots of toys and exercise equipment available, lasts 20 minutes - $6 / session
  2. FELINE FANCY- One-on-one play time with a staff member in an exam room with cat toys available, or just extra petting and lap time for those less inclined to chase a toy, lasts 20 minutes - $6 / session
  3. PEANUT BUTTER KONG - Daily treat of Kong Toy stuffed with PB and a dog biscuit - $2 / day
  4. MASSAGE - Thirty minute massage by the massage therapist - $30 / massage
  5. PEACE AND CALMING - Luxurious 1/5 inch thick fleece bedding scented with essential oils to calm and soothe - $2 / day
  6. GYM TIME - Help expend pent-up energy by spending 10-15 minutes each day on the land treadmill (must have doctor's clearance) - $6 / session
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